Friday, July 30, 2010

Late night Blogging

Girls jumping on the bed. Becka, Sophie, and Lizzie in the back.
Zach, Jake, Lizzie, Jay, Brady, and Mariah at the zoo.

Looking too cute! Little chunker!

Well, it has been crazy busy around here lately. I'm back at work and let's just say that midnights are kicking my butt. In the past week, we have went to zoo, beach, and Brady's Physical therapy. Oh, and we have a birthday party to plan for my sweet daughter, I love her so much! She really loves her brother and learns something new everyday.

Physical therapy is going great, I'm so glad that I take him. It was my decision and I wanted to be proactive and we are making progress. Brady's PT is named Dallin and she is so wonderful. She teaches me so many things to do with him. Today, she put Brady on a type of hard pillow under his arms and he attempted to crawl. It was so neat to see. He isn't developmentally behind, he just needs some help. I'm sure we will have developmental delays because most preemies do. There are a lot of special needs kids at the PT center and they are amazing kids. I used to be so "Afraid" of Brady having to use a walker or wheelchair. Not anymore, I have accepted that "It is what it is." And I love seeing the kids at Brady's PT. I don't like not knowing what his future will be like and that I will still have to take one day at a time. It's amazing what we take for granted everyday. Also, I am so proud of Lizzie when she goes. She is such a good girl! She sits and watches her brother and cheers him on. There is this princess book at PT and she likes to read it everytime she comes in to PT. So she looks forward to seeing her favorite book there. LOL!

We spent some time at the zoo and I don't know when I will learn my lesson. Go in the Fall when it isn't 95 degrees. Oh the sweat and stinky animals! After 3 hours, we are already to leave and the animals are so hot that they don't come out. We did this last year and I ended up being dehydrated and Lizzie was so miserable. We also took our niece and newphews, Jacob, Zach, and Mariah. Lizzie enjoyed the penguins, and Brady liked the Turtles. Overall, we had a great time and will go next year in the Fall.

This week we went to the beach with my Aunt and her kids. It was a private beach and it was fun watching the kids play. Oh, how Mom loves when Lizzie and Brayden go to bed because they are so tired from all the playing. Poor Brayden, he rolled over into a pile of sand nose first and it wasn't pretty! Next time, I am taking the pack and play. Lizzie liked the sand and looking at all the rocks. And my Aunt's kids had a fun time too!

All for now, we just finally watched the Blindside and it was good, we don't watch a lot of T.V. but it was a great flick. It's nice to have Jayson home, he has been gone for two days in Novi doing a training for Best Buy.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Fun!

At the fireworks. Notice Lizzie with her Ariel, she goes everywhere with us.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer fun!

We have been busy with summer. It seems like there is always something to do. I'm back to juggling work in my life. Yep, it was time. I missed my patients. I work at a rehabilitation facility, and I missed it so much. I love taking care of my patients and like to make their stay better for them. I always think that if I had to go into a Nursing home (it's like a nursing home) that I would be depressed. I try to make their day! There is no place like home, as we all know. I was in the hospital for 9 days and I was so ready break out. I'm sure anyone who has been a hospital for over a few days can relate. Anyhow, that's going good.

Oh, and I love to shop. That's another reason I needed a job. Not for myself but for my house and kids. I got some decor for the living room and some organizers for the collection of toys that I've accumulated over the past 3 years. Brady loves his toys, but sometimes I wonder why I buy Lizzie stuff. She's happy playing in a big box. She loves to pretend she's a princess. Today she was sweeping my floor saying she was Snow White.

Project tummy didn't go so well at all for the first week. Then I called to get Brady an appointment for Physical Therapy through our local hospital. I told them that he wasn't rolling over well or touching his toes. The next day: He's touching his toes. Then after his first PT appointment: He's rolling EVERYWHERE. That little bugger. We go twice a week to PT and I am pleased with his Physical therapist. I researched her before I started and I am impressed. His insurance covers it as well. He does not have hypotonia in his abdomen but he just needs to strengthen his core. They don't see anything wrong with his muscle tone but, it's still very early. Ahh, the waiting game continues. Don't I just love waiting.....not my favorite.

More updates to come soon.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ronald Hoekstra, MD, micro preemie study

Some inspiration for preemie parents.

Project Tummy!

So here goes, I am terrible at tummy time! Why? He absolutely hates it. I thought if he did for 20 minutes then we would be okay, well, I was wrong. Brady needs some upper body strength in his arms and he isn't rolling over to his belly. He sure tries to roll over to his belly and he gets so upset when he can't roll onto his belly. I have an appointment scheduled for him next Thursday with our local hospital's PT. His insurance will cover it, thank god! The truth is: ALL BABIES NEED TUMMY TIME! I was not worried because he was rolling over from tummy to back.

I found this blog with tons of information. It was established by a PT named Vickie Dakin. She has a TON of information on preemies. She had some ideas that I could Brady interested in tummy time. She also said that they need about 5 minutes an hour.

So what else is new? Lizzie has a cold, the poor girl. She's coughing, and sneezing. It's summer, apparently there is a summer virus going around. She is Almost potty trained, she still gets a diaper at night time. I hate to see her sick, she's so sweet and loves her brother.

As for me, I am going back to work on Tuesday! Super excited. And my husband is busy working a million hours, he does so much for us that I am happy to contribute.

Oh, and I am sorry I don't have any good pics up, More to come. I am posting one of Lizzie in this post.