Thursday, July 1, 2010

Project Tummy!

So here goes, I am terrible at tummy time! Why? He absolutely hates it. I thought if he did for 20 minutes then we would be okay, well, I was wrong. Brady needs some upper body strength in his arms and he isn't rolling over to his belly. He sure tries to roll over to his belly and he gets so upset when he can't roll onto his belly. I have an appointment scheduled for him next Thursday with our local hospital's PT. His insurance will cover it, thank god! The truth is: ALL BABIES NEED TUMMY TIME! I was not worried because he was rolling over from tummy to back.

I found this blog with tons of information. It was established by a PT named Vickie Dakin. She has a TON of information on preemies. She had some ideas that I could Brady interested in tummy time. She also said that they need about 5 minutes an hour.

So what else is new? Lizzie has a cold, the poor girl. She's coughing, and sneezing. It's summer, apparently there is a summer virus going around. She is Almost potty trained, she still gets a diaper at night time. I hate to see her sick, she's so sweet and loves her brother.

As for me, I am going back to work on Tuesday! Super excited. And my husband is busy working a million hours, he does so much for us that I am happy to contribute.

Oh, and I am sorry I don't have any good pics up, More to come. I am posting one of Lizzie in this post.

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