Saturday, April 9, 2011

NICU Follow-Up Adjusted 14 months

On Monday I went to Brayden's follow-up, finally! It was hard to get an appointment and it seems like I never had a day that would work. This Picture is with his favorite nurse Ann. She took the best care of us when he was in the NICU. She couldn't believe how big he is and was so happy to see him.

Well, I am so happy to report that his follow-up went great. They said he has no tone issues and the watched him crawl and play with some toys. They were so impressed with my little man!

I had to share his chocolate cookie face! He fell asleep after his follow-up after eating one of the hospital's Mr. Ed's cookie. Those Cookies Rock!! And of course Miss. Lizzie tagged along too! She has a silly face of course!

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