Thursday, April 14, 2011

Got my Cap and Gown!!!

Well, I went and got my Cap and Gown. I also graduate with honors!!! I am so excited. My husband has been so supportive these past 8 months. My husband has put up with a lot and deserves a "Hubby of the Year Award!" My kids have ate tons of Mac and Cheese and sat in front of the TV so I can study. It was rough, but I figured I could get through Nursing school if I could survive the NICU for 10 weeks. I felt so guilty putting them in front of the TV.

I miss being myself. I study about 16 hours a week, clean house, go to school, work, and am be a Mom and Wife. It's hard but I know I am almost done. It's worth it. I work only to pay the babysitter so I can study.

I am so happy that I will be a RN soon. I have been a LPN for 4 years now, and I really wanted a change and most LPN's work in Nursing homes in Michigan. I needed a change. I do however, love working with older Adults. You can learn a lot from older Adults, they survived off so little and now we are an "Instant Gratification," society. As a country, we always have to have the best of everything when they had one pair of shoes. Older Adults deserve respect and I think as a country we don't like to age. Age isn't such a bad thing. I look forward to go through the stages of life. I have learned a lot about my Grandpa. I love him so much, he is the most inspiring man I have ever met. He understands the meaning of hard work and appreciates the little things. He always puts his family first.

In other news, the weather has been great. I have been enjoying the little time with my kids outside. Lizzie got a barbie kite. AND, Brady took two steps all by himself. It made me cry. Preemies take there own time catching up and he definately takes his own time. He loves to crawl but he really has taking an interest in walking.

I posted a picture of my Grandpa in this post with Lizzie two years ago at the local fair. One of my favorite pictures of him.

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