Monday, July 30, 2012

Lately My Dear!

I have been back to work for a month now, and all I can say is..........AHHH!  It is easy juggling kids, mostly because I am used to it. I feel like three isn't much harder than two kids. I don't know why but we have adjusted well with Aubree. Brady has had the hardest adjustment with me being back to work. The question is, Do I clean my house on my days off or do I play with my kids? It's hard juggling that. I love being with my kiddos and seeing them happy. If I am cleaning the house on my days off, it gets fustrating because there is always a mess somewhere and there will always be dishes and laundry.

Update we have. Brayden is spitting out sentences that I can understand but he needs more help with speech. I am pushing for him to get speech. He will be getting an evaluation in the next couple weeks. He can say things like, "I don't want to." Or "I want to go outside." But he still needs help. He is a smart little guy. Time out is working for his discipline because he hates it. He threw a ball at his sisters head today. Do the crime, pay the time!

Lizzie is doing well, she is so excited for her birthday. She was outside sweeping our porch because she always likes to help. She warms my heart, she is always trying to help with everything. We have a huge suprise for her on her birthday. She really wants a La-la-loopsy doll.  Can't wait!
She turns 5 on August 7th.

Aubree is huge and growing like a weed. She is cooing and smiling all the time. She truley is a good baby. I think God thought I needed a break with her, she is just always happy. She has some major thunder thighs! I am not used to her being so big because Preemies take their time to grow. We are in 3-6 month clothing now. Brady was in 0-3 months for 6 months, at least that what it seemed.

Some pictures....
The Girls
 Daddy (who would kill me for posting this pic) and Brady and Lizie at the movies. Brady's first movie was Brave.


  1. You are an amazing Mom. Besides keeping your household going, working and playing with kids, you keep us connected. :) Jayson was very lucky to find a girl like you. I hope one day we can get together ... BEFORE our kids are too old to enjoy playing with their Cuzns. Take care.

  2. Thanks Amy! We do need to meet up soon. I have always wanted to visit Utah.