Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I am so thankful to make it to 37 weeks and 5 days with my last pregnancy. This past winter has been really hard for our family. Brayden has asthma and it's severe when he is sick. My daughter is in preschool and she brought home so many colds and Brady would get sick too. It takes a lot longer for preemies to get better from my experience. I took Brady into the doctors in March and his pulse ox was 88% and he had a double ear infection, fever, and a cough. When he is sick, he's sick. He is so brave and always goes with the flow. Gee, it's a good thing his name means "Brave."   This winter was rough for not only my kiddos but a tired pregnant Momma.

As far as my pregnancy goes,  it was okay.. I had some blood pressure issues and if I stayed pregnant longer- I would have been preclamptic. My blood pressure is usually 115/60, and no higher. When I got to 34 weeks, it got higher and it was 130/85. Yikes!! I went to a different OB this time and they watched me like a hawk. I had weekly Biophysical Profiles, NST and a OB appointment. I met with a Maternal fetal medicine once to discuss delivery options. I did not want a C-Section, but I had to think what was best for my daughter and I. Do I want a uterine abruption? Or a placental abruption? Not at all!!!!! A C-Section is much more recovery than a vaginal birth. When I had my first daughter I felt great and was walking around the room holding her (like 30 minutes after). A C-section isn't like that at all. Although my recovery this time around has been good.

It was such a blessing this time around. Being able to hold my daughter after giving birth, and being able to take her home. It was wonderful to hear her pediatrician in the OR yell, "She's good." I didn't have to go up to the NICU and be on my hands and knees praying. So many Micro-preemie Mammas can relate. I remember when I brought Brayden home after his 70 days in the NICU and wearing PJ's the first month because it was so nice to not have to get dressed to see him. Oh, and I am blessed to have such a good little eater, I didn't have to work hard to breast feed this little one. She already had  her rooting and sucking reflex down.  I got to Nurse her right after she was born. It's so important to me that I breast feed my children. Every Mom can't breast feed and it isn't easy especially for a Preemie Momma or child with a poor latch. I want to be a lactation consultant. I hope to pursue this career this fall. I am rambling a bit here! Sorry!

Of course, I love my son. He's so busy and into everything and he is going to be the death of me. He used to have episodes of low oxygen (de-sats) and have the Nurses running to his room. Now he has me chasing him everywhere. Let me tell you, it's so much fun chasing a two-year old down a hill when you are 9 months pregnant. Not! If I had to do it all over again and be at the NICU- I would. He is so strong, loving, and teaches me so much everyday. He is working on his language development. He is getting better and starting to say more sentences. He can say stuff like, " I want pop," and " I want to go bye-bye."  I am going to start to do more sign language with him. (Oh, I never give him Pop that much either, like once a month). Yet he can say he wants it! lol.

Today it was nice to go to the Pediatrician and not worry whether or not my child was going to gain weight. Aubree is already 10 pounds and 9 ounces. She will pass up her brother soon. Prematurity sucks!!! I am sorry for my few readers for all the rambling. I just have a lot on my mind lately!

Bottom line: THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 A couple photos: Brady on our way to Florida and the kids on the beach. Aubree is there, but in my belly, lol! My sister and Lizzie looking over Aubree. The bottom picture is my Mom and Brady with Aubree.


  1. Coop has Asthma, too! It sucks and we've been on daily breathing treatments since November! He was in the hospital for a week the last week of October for RSV, Pneumonia and Asthma complications. He was so bad that they gave him Synagis shots and it was his third winter...Preemies are a whole other brand of baby so I'm sure having a full-term healthy baby girl was quite the change of pace for you!

    I'm glad to see an update on you and your kiddos :)

  2. Jen, Wow!! We have done breathing treatments but not that long. That must have been a lot for you and your husband. Hope Mr. Cooper is doing good! i am unable to access your blog, so I will have to be sent an invite because it won't let me access your blog.