Monday, September 20, 2010

My chunker

Blogging is hard because I am so busy with nursing school. I only have 12 weeks left until this crazy semester is over. I am having some difficulties juggling, school, work and my beautiful babies. My kids are worth it. I want to become an RN and I am so close to being done with my degree. I am going to continue to keep doing what I am doing and study like crazy.

Lizzie is doing well, she is a princess as always and makes me laugh. I never know what she is going to say and she sometimes makes me laugh so hard that I cry. She is really likes to count now. If I only could get her better with her saying her R's and L's. Oh well, she'll get there.

My husband is amazing, he is supporting me through this and is helping around the house and making sure he supports me during this crazy journey of school. He takes Brady to PT on Tuesdays for me which makes things easy for me.

Brayden really really wants to crawl. He is trying so hard. I think we might be crawling in a couple months. I call him my "Bottom less Pit," He eats everything I give him. It's so funny to watch. He even loves mashed up avocado. He is so chunky in the middle it cracks me up. Brayden wants to get into everything. He is at that age now, everything that is in front of him is fair game now. I am so happy to see him smile at me everyday. He is such a happy boy. His PT wanted to give him a break, but I really want him to stay in PT. They say he is caught up, but I want him to stay there so they can get him to crawl. They teach me the exercises and we practice at home. I love you little man!

I had an emotional weekend. I went to the NICU grad reunion ice cream social and it was nice. I went to see the doctors and NURSES that held me together in the toughest time of my life. I saw so many 26 weekers and so many preemies that were in Brayden's pod. I broke down and cried a couple of times. I thought to myself that Joshua should be here too, and that I wish he was here. I haven't been to this hospital because of all the memories I had here. Some are good, some are a bad dream. I hugged so many nurses that held my hand and said, "He is going to be alright." The doctor that was there the night he was born was so happy to see him. She told my husband when I was in recovery puking, " I don't know about this little boy, he's sick." All I could think was, "Look at him now!" He sits up and eats like a horse. He plays and loves people. He's amazing! I had to tell one nurse "Thank you," because when Brady was a month old, she said, "He's so beautiful, Congrats!" I thanked her for saying Congrats to me because no one ever said that to me when he was born. Everyone was so happy we went. Brayden was so tired because I woke him up when he was sleeping when we arrived. One Nurse came up to and said,"I remember him, there was something about his face, he looks so wise."

Oh, my favorite time of year is here! Fall! Bring on the chili, apples, and football!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How time flies!

New Post soon!

A three year old birthday, two new teeth for Brady, Brady sits up on his own now, andMommy is back in school. We have been so busy!

Here's one of my favorite pics!